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Join CocoaCravers discovering great tasting chocolate with the unique CocoaCrave experience, our signature black boxes hold some of the finest luxury chocolate for you to enjoy.

Just for you

A unique assortment of 24 mouth watering chocolates in each box, chosen from an ever-growing selection. The chocolates are carefully selected from a range of master chocolatiers who play with unique ingredient combinations using highest quality cocoa.

Delivered to you

Never be without when your crave hits, whether it’s at home on the sofa or mid-afternoon at the office, we have you covered. Our packaging is letterbox friendly meaning no pesky trips to the sorting office.

Discover new tastes

Love trying new chocolates? Remember that sensation you had when you first tried your favourite chocolate, the way it melted in your mouth?! Relive it, you’ll love the surprise selection you receive.

Never get bored

The Chocolates are sourced from a range of chocolatiers. They’re all whipping up new chocolates as we speak. Our collection grows each month so there will always be something new to taste from a truly unique selection, discover handmade chocolate creations.

Indulge a little

Whether you’re comfy on the sofa, on the go or behind your desk, chocolate is to be enjoyed whenever you choose. Pick up a little black box full of chocolate surprises for when you’re out and about.

Delivered to your door

Your delicious fresh chocolate fix is letterbox friendly. It will be waiting for you when you come home or at the office for that afternoon crave.

CocoaCrave Luxury Chocolate

Other CocoaCravers are already loving their delicious chocolates, don’t miss out!

Check out some of the luxury chocolates you’ll taste with the CocoaCrave Luxury Chocolate Club

Free delivery on all UK orders.

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