Rediscover Chocolate

You’re looking up and down the supermarket shelves at chocolate you’ve tried time and time again. You’re looking for something new and unique but you never find it. How familiar does that sound?


Sourced Internationally

We’ve grown our selection to over 100 of the best chocolates, sourced from master chocolatiers internationally.


24 Delicious Chocolates

Every CocoaCrave selection box holds 24 of the most irresistible and exciting chocolates you’ll ever taste.


A Surprise With Every Bite

Imagine opening each signature black box, revealing a unique handmade chocolate selection.

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Chocolate Selection Boxes – 24 Chocolates

Customer Reviews
What a lovely surprise to receive a box of chocolates in the post for my birthday, I am a complete chocoholic and they tasted wonderful Jo
Your chocolates are original and delicious and there is something special about coming home to the lovely surprise of them waiting on the doormat!Susan
The entire process from order placement to delivery was very customer friendly and prompt. I am so pleased that I am about to place order no. 2Angela
The white chocolate selections being my favourites so far but they all have disappeared quickly! Highly recommended.Vicki