Over 100 luxury chocolates and growing…

Every chocolate is handmade by the finest chocolatiers using the highest quality cocoa and unique ingredient combinations. We carefully select only the very best luxury chocolates from a range of master chocolatiers.

The chocolates are made from all natural ingredients, meaning no nasty preservatives or artificial colouring, just great tasting chocolate.

Enjoy trying new delicious chocolates? Satisfy your crave with the CocoaCrave Chocolate Club. Each month you’ll discover a new selection of luxury chocolates from our ever growing selection.

Introducing The Chocolate Bunch

A Very Irresistible Luxury Chocolate Selection

Revealed in all their glory, meet some of the delicious luxury chocolates from the CocoaCrave Chocolate Club, which also make for a very special Gift.

Each one has a unique personality and taste you won’t forget.

24 fresh chocolates in each box, 6 new varieties to try each month, over 100 chocolates and growing.


A moussey experience

A mysterious lady who likes burlesque performances and the French exquisiteness. She is a woman you just cannot resist, she is sexy, she is bold, she is fierce and always offers a little extra, an after taste to remember.

Miss Mousse is spoonfuls of chocolate mousse encased in milk chocolate pillow. She melts in your mouth and leaves distinct heavenly feeling of floating in the air, so light and so delicate.


Our French madame

Camille is now ready to be formally introduced to the high life society. Whoever finds her in their box is one lucky chocolate lover, this will be an experience to never forget.

The word spreads around quickly when Madame Camille is out to mingle. She always sets the dress code too – white chocolate skirt, milk chocolate top, delicious body of soft crème Brûlée. What a good look!


A seductive chocolate bite

This is Jane, she looks like a sophisticated housewife from the suburbia but wait until you get a taste of her!

Jane is one feisty cookie (filled) by nature who can hypnotise you with her fine chocolate looks and praline smooth character.

Jane is not for sharing much, she prefers very intimate relationship with her chocolate lovers.


A true hero in smooth white chocolate disguise

This is Victoria, sweet and innocent looking with white chocolate shell, but she is tougher than she looks.

She can give you the needed kick with her Mocha mix and nutty crunch punch and likes to go head to head with the 3PM office blues.


All chocolate lovers, follow me

Here comes the Jo! She is all about the simple looks and tons of personality. Jo a bit of a tomboy and like any other tour guide, she knows where to take you to experience the core of the trip, Jo takes you on a chocolate journey.

She is passionate and offers something extra to all chocolate lovers – crisp milk chocolate praline encased in a textured shell of milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzles. Always on the money!



Jo’s darker twin bro, our subtle looking Jack is very forward chocolate. He always leaves a long lasting impression, one that’s hard to forget. You will always compare Jack’s talents to satisfy your crave with other chocolates attempts (from non-CocoaCrave selections of course).

Jack is fun for a night out, he is made with dark chocolate mixed with Calvados. But don’t worry, Jack won’t give you hangover, he just likes to tease.


Knock knock. Who’s there?

With playful personality, Freddy is a joy. He is a milk chocolate hazelnut truffle, with crunchy hazelnut topping that can get stuck in your teeth. But not to worry, he is only cracking jokes.

He is loveable and delicious, milky and crispy, you’ll be game from the start.


Shout out to the Harry Potter fans

Glen is a muggle, sort of. He is a combination of maple syrup and nut pieces blended under a round milk chocolate lid…magic!

Glen had to often defend his inner deliciousness against other chocolates who wanted his goodness so he grew small cocoa nibs horns to protect himself not realising this will become his best feature. Try him, he is very friendly, everyone loves him.


Belgium chocolate with ‘taste’ appeal

This is Alejandro, but we call him Mr Eye Candy (shhh, he doesn’t know, his head will grow too big).

Mr Eye Candy is well built with defined milk chocolate casing and smooth Ganache filling and can talk you into anything.

He quickly seals the deal as he is also accessorised well with crunchy cocoa nibs, he is very exotic.


Easy like Sunday morning

Blossom is a pretty little lady always looking up to the sun. Blossom will make your taste buds blossom with a single bite. This flavour, oh yum! – milk chocolate almond praline mixed with a subtle taste of sea salt, or Fleur de Sel if you speak Français. This flavour, oh Yum!!


From the bottom of my heart

Andes has a heart that’s literally melted on the inside, this smooth milk chocolate mountain range looks very innocent and predictable.

Wait until you take a bite though. This beast has a secret weapon, he can easily disarm you and sweep away your prejudice with his sticky salted vanilla caramel river floating inside.


A lesson in History

They said the tiramisu was invented in 1969 in Italy. Since then we have all come to love love love it so much that we are proud to call Eliza one of our best!

White chocolate pillows filled with smooth tiramisu and accessorised with a delicious chocolate swirl. You will enjoy that one a lot!


Build to last

Ok, so Otto is a little wacky, weird and strange in taste but oh so delicious. We’re loving him. He is handsome, quite sizeable milk chocolate fortress keeping precious dark caramel ganache safe inside the walls of his body.

Otto’s got it going with the ladies, he is very presentable and hints of white chocolate with his beautiful leaf crown.


Everyday we’re truffling

Joining the other truffles in the selection is one of our newcomers, Zach. He clearly rolled himself in the cocoa dust pool which gave him very distinctive rich trufflly taste.

His is made with high quality English caramel on the inside and hints of sea salt, just yum.

Next time, we’ll roll in the cocoa dust with him, sounds fun.


A royal romance

Annabelle, oh Annabelle! Beautiful white smooth chocolate case, worthy for a princess. Filled with almond cream Annabelle is as sweet and kind as one can be.

She steals the spotlight in every box – every chocolate liker becomes her chocolate lover.

She is crowned with a whole almond to intensify the nutty cream filling and highlight her royal beauty from every angle.


A Belgium bred truffle delight

This is Mikey, a boy with heart of creamy caramel that could only do you good.

You will love him like no other with his milk chocolate casing, not to mention his moves… he loves a rough massage in a crystal sugar crunch.


He’s a little ‘nutty’, a suspicious character

He is made of milk chocolate, smoothly distributed and forming a very comfy looking luxurious pillow filled with duo caramel hazelnut.

But that’s not enough,  no no. To make him more special and irresistible, he comes topped with a pistachio crunch.

Simply put, this is one of our best kept surprises. This is Steve…


Ripples galore, gone with the wind

Oval in shape, milk chocolate in taste, very nutty hazelnut praline in core, one bite fits all – Dominic is here y’all!

What more can we say, his box will be firs to go. He’s that good.


I got love for you if you were born in the 80s

We are very happy to introduce Billy, he is quite something. His surface is smooth and tender while sporting a red mohawk, funky like that.

Billy is still living in the 80s but in his essence he is a modern mixture of tastes – light vanilla chocolate in dark chocolate case. Billy’s got winning jean(s)


Yo, you want to taste my lyrics?

With potential of being a world star – finally to your attention, we have the solution for your most persistent craving.

Here comes little Lil Big Crisp, rapping about her bootylicious milky body, ready to rock your chocolate world.

She is swirly hazelnut praline hidden between milk chocolate disks and topped with delicious amaretto pieces.

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