Matt & Geri – Mad About Chocolate

Love trying new chocolate? You have come to the right place, welcome!

All companies in any industry have their ‘About us’ page which is expected to introduce how they started, who founded them and why. We also had one of those pages with that kind of content, but – the time has come dear CocoaCravers. Here, we would like to introduce ourselves through the eyes of you, our customers.

During our chocolate pop-ups we get to tell you directly how we started and why we do what we do. And we’re loving it! Your reactions and excitement seeing the chocolate selections give us the confidence to keep on with our sweet chocolate dream.

We started a couple of years ago because Matt and I were just bored. We were bored with the chocolate selection at the supermarkets that rarely offered new exciting tastes or luxury handmade chocolates at all. Fast forward and here we are today – we have a chocolate selection that continues growing and evolving, different subscription options to choose from and plenty of unusual unique chocolate creations to indulge with. Prosecco popping candy truffle anyone?

We are super excited about what’s coming. We are still a small business but with your help we can discover and deliver more of the best handmade chocolate out there. We have big eyes, sometimes too big for our bellies, and our promise is to continue personally tasting and choosing which chocolates to include in our CocoaCrave selections, specially for you.

Here we also wanted to say thanks for taking this journey with us. We put amazing chocolate at the heart of what we do and have you, our CocoaCravers, as main motivation – it always feels great to hear we’re ‘awesome’ and ‘cool’ and that we ‘surprise’ you time and time again. It’s also priceless to see your faces or hear about your experience after trying a new for you taste, especially if it’s something super quirky.

Thanks again, I’m going to do some ‘quality control’ now and taste the yummy strawberry and salted caramel chocolate. Hmm, maybe also the white toffee hazelnut… Ta ta.

Geri & Matt

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