CocoaCrave – The Light Bulb Moment

In essence life is about experiences, failing and learning from mistakes and quickly realising the potentials that result from all our efforts. And then before you know it, you are on a winning streak because you have finally figured out that hard work paired with strong passion pays off in many different ways.

This is how CocoaCrave was born. Our story is kind of funny, a bit cheeky and has just begun.

Everything started when my girlfriend moved in –she has a very particular taste for chocolate and a simple bar from the supermarket was just not impressive enough. She likes experimenting with tastes and can tell a good chocolate from a random bar. And so we decided to combine the search for chocolate into a life mission.

We started visiting chocolate festivals, making notes on every beautiful chocolate presentation we would see, started making a complete mess in the kitchen trying to melt chocolate and mix it with more ingredients (from nuts and coconut, all the way to crunchy biscuits and fruit) to see how quickly we will be able to make large quantities while maintaining the quality we would expect if we were our own customers. That did not work. It was fun doing it, but we learnt to do what we are really good at and decided to source the chocolates from talented chocolatiers who mastered their craft. That way, we also keep our kitchen counters clean, although the chocolate smell still resonates. Yum.

Meantime we focused on the design side – to ensure we delivered the convenience to everyone by creating letter box friendly packaging, the perfect fit through the door. We spoke with factories pretty much all over the place, China was the longest running conversation and three samples later, we decided to go ahead with European based suppliers. Needless to say, before that we tried figuring out the design and measurements ourselves, Geri and I were on the floor in our living rooms for hours measuring, drawing, gluing together carton, trying to figure out the ideal design. And it worked, we knew what we needed and our suppliers delivered beyond our expectations.

What happened in the end which marked the beginning of this journey, is that we are now building a business based on the most delicious indulgence out there and we are loving it. We now have a selection of over 100 chocolates, we are always adding to this, we have the perfectly designed box to fit through your door that contains other little boxes so you could munch one or two while waiting for dinner to cook (we all do it).

And now we need all of you, our customers to join us and try all those delicious chocolates Geri and I are proud to be able to deliver each month.

Yours, Matt and Geri