White Chocolate Box


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White Chocolate Box

This dreamy white chocolate box is full of surprises. Some creamy and smooth, while others crunch with each bite, each offering a taste into the finest white chocolates.

What’s inside*

  • Vanilla Creamy & Crunchy
    Blended with vanilla butter cream and decorated with dark chocolate swirls, this chunky white chocolate is the perfect pick me up.
  • Chocolate With Soft Coconut
    Coconut covered white chocolate dome and a centre of fluffy coconut cream.
  • White Chocolate Apple Strudel
    Once you break through its hard white chocolate armour you’ll find gooey apple strudel centre.
  • White Chocolate Strawberry Heart 
    This chocolate is hiding something sweet, a strawberry ganache set in a white chocolate heart.
  • White Chocolate Passion Fruit
    Tempting white chocolate with a streak of passion fruit at it’s core.
  • White Chocolate Soft Almond
    White chocolate crowned with a whole almond to intensify the nutty cream filling.

*Chocolate selection may vary

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